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Get Up & Glow

A highly anticipated topic for this week's blog.... Make Up!

We know that Lockdown has not really provided many opportunities to get all dressed up and put on your best face of make up, but sometimes you don't need an excuse. Sometimes waking up in the morning, ready to tackle the day is reason enough.

With lockdown starting to lift we thought it might be time to dust off our make up boxes and get to work. This blog post is all about finding that perfect, natural glow using our Delilah products.

Today, Julie's daughter and her friend have offered up their time to demonstrate how they have been using their Delilah Make Up products at home.

Megan says;

Remember there is no ONE way to apply makeup, this is just the way I like to do it. It's fun to play around with different looks.

Before starting the look, Rachel washed her face using the Espa Optimal ProCleanser and followed it by spritzing her face with Espa Floral Spafresh and finishing it off with the ProSerum Facial Oil. These simple few steps allow for a more flawless makeup application and makes sure that skin remains healthy even when make up is worn all day long.

The Look

#1 It's Prime Time

I used Delilah Under Wear Future Resist Skin Primer. This gorgeous product preps the skin beautifully, going on smoothly without leaving the skin feeling sticky. It is the perfect product to start your dewy skin routine. Most of the time to prime the skin I use my fingers to apply the primer. I prefer it this way as it's also a lot quicker and a lot less fuss.

TOP TIP NO.1 : Want to add that extra glow? Try adding a few drops of Delilah's Pure Light Radiance to your primer and mix it together. Apply the mixture to your face to give yourself a radiant glow. You can either leave it like this or follow it with a foundation dependent on the coverage you want.

#2 All About the Base

I don't really like a heavy face of make up, I prefer for it to all look very minimalist and natural, which is why the light wear Delilah Time Frame - Future Resist Foundation is perfect for a barely there make up look. This foundation goes on lovely, especially over perfectly primed skin. I used Buttermilk on Rachel, it suited her well and blended in really nicely. You can use a brush if you want to blend in your foundation, Delilah's Kabuki Foundation Brush is a great brush to use if you want to blend in your foundation well.

A subtle, but beautiful lift to Rachel's complexion

TOP TIP NO.2 : Always remember to blend around the jawline to avoid having a straight line of foundation along the jawline. I like to blend the foundation just down past the jawline to get an even coverage.