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Get Up & Glow

A highly anticipated topic for this week's blog.... Make Up!

We know that Lockdown has not really provided many opportunities to get all dressed up and put on your best face of make up, but sometimes you don't need an excuse. Sometimes waking up in the morning, ready to tackle the day is reason enough.

With lockdown starting to lift we thought it might be time to dust off our make up boxes and get to work. This blog post is all about finding that perfect, natural glow using our Delilah products.

Today, Julie's daughter and her friend have offered up their time to demonstrate how they have been using their Delilah Make Up products at home.

Megan says;

Remember there is no ONE way to apply makeup, this is just the way I like to do it. It's fun to play around with different looks.

Before starting the look, Rachel washed her face using the Espa Optimal ProCleanser and followed it by spritzing her face with Espa Floral Spafresh and finishing it off with the ProSerum Facial Oil. These simple few steps allow for a more flawless makeup application and makes sure that skin remains healthy even when make up is worn all day long.


The Look

#1 It's Prime Time

I used Delilah Under Wear Future Resist Skin Primer. This gorgeous product preps the skin beautifully, going on smoothly without leaving the skin feeling sticky. It is the perfect product to start your dewy skin routine. Most of the time to prime the skin I use my fingers to apply the primer. I prefer it this way as it's also a lot quicker and a lot less fuss.

TOP TIP NO.1 : Want to add that extra glow? Try adding a few drops of Delilah's Pure Light Radiance to your primer and mix it together. Apply the mixture to your face to give yourself a radiant glow. You can either leave it like this or follow it with a foundation dependent on the coverage you want.

#2 All About the Base

I don't really like a heavy face of make up, I prefer for it to all look very minimalist and natural, which is why the light wear Delilah Time Frame - Future Resist Foundation is perfect for a barely there make up look. This foundation goes on lovely, especially over perfectly primed skin. I used Buttermilk on Rachel, it suited her well and blended in really nicely. You can use a brush if you want to blend in your foundation, Delilah's Kabuki Foundation Brush is a great brush to use if you want to blend in your foundation well.

A subtle, but beautiful lift to Rachel's complexion

TOP TIP NO.2 : Always remember to blend around the jawline to avoid having a straight line of foundation along the jawline. I like to blend the foundation just down past the jawline to get an even coverage.

#3 Conceal It.

Personally, I don't like to use too much concealer and the great thing about Delilah's Farewell Cream Concealer in Linen is that you can build on the coverage. I also use a concealer that's a shade LIGHTER, this means that I can tackle any blemishes but I can also use it as an undereye concealer, to help lighten and lift tired eyes.

For Rachel, I simply dotted the concealer under her eyes, I don't put the concealer directly under her lash line, this is because I like to distribute the concealer more widely around the eye area without it all clumping around her under-eyes. I use my index finger to tap in the concealer instead of rubbing it in. I find that this technique allows for an even distribution of the product and it doesn't get wasted.

TOP TIP NO. 3 : Don't overload the product to start with. Start with a smaller amount which you can build on if you feel you need to. As my mother has always said 'less is more', and with regards to Delilah this couldn't be more accurate. A little bit of Delilah product goes a long way. Fantastique!

Go ahead and tap the concealer stick onto any blemishes, redness or uneven points on your face and tap it in to blend in the product. Once you have done this let your face set for a second.

TOP TIP NO. 4: Now, at this point I may use Delilah's Pure Touch Micro-fine Loose Powder to help set the base and get rid of any shine, however I did not have any and Rachel's skin didn't have too much shine to it so I haven't used any. However, if you ever did want to set your makeup I would highly recommend this product. Simply use a powder brush and sweep over your face with the loose powder to set your foundation layer.

#5 Eyes Eyes Eyes

I decided to keep the eyes super simple and focus on brightening and making them look bigger. Using the same concealer, I prepped the lids of the eyes, so that the eye makeup would have something to stick to and therefore last longer.

I took a big eye shadow brush and tapped it into Delilah's Sunset Compact Matte Bronzer in Light Medium, then I applied it to the crease of the eyelid, gently following the arch of the crease from one corner to the other. As you can see from the video I used gentle strokes to make sure I blended it in.

There really isn't much to this makeup look, nothing fancy or tricky, just simple, everyday makeup.

Once I had blended the bronzer out to create a lovely shape to the eye, I took the Delilah Pure Light Compact Illuminating Powder in Aura and added it to the eyelid to give the eyes a bit of shimmer. It is a really simple way to create a natural glow around the eyes. Rachel's eyes instantly popped and she looked wide awake.

A Lick of Mascara

So this step is super simple, just apply your Delilah Definitive Mascara to your lashes, really get in there, pushing your brush all the way up to your lash line to give a full lash effect. When I apply mascara I like to swipe my lashes outwards to create a cat eye effect, but that's just me and my eye shape. With Rachel, I simply moved the brush from side to side at the lash line to make sure all of her lashes were covered and then swooped upwards to curl the lashes from the bottom-up.

#6 Don't Stress A'Brow't It

Rachel has quite full brows as it stands therefore my main task was brushing them out to form a nice shape and adding some brow gel to hold them in place. I use the Delilah Brow Shape Defining Brow Gel because it's just so easy to use and gives a lovely colour, without it being too think and clumpy.

I simply took a clean brow brush and brushed the brows UPWARDS. This is my favourite part of any makeup routine and just by brushing my brows out I feel much better. I then went on to add the brow gel in the same direction to the brow. Rachel's brows are dark therefore it was less about colour and more about shape.

TOP TOP NO. 5: If you want to create the illusion of a big, bushy brow, brush your brows upwards to create that lifted, fuller brow!

#7 'Just Got Back From Holiday' Bronzer

This next step is where you really see your face come to life, you see definition in your face. I personally like to apply my bronzer in the shape of a 3; temples, cheek and jaw. I took large powder brush and dabbed it into the Delilah Sunset Compact Matte Bronzer in Light Medium. I started just underneath her cheekbone and then brushed upwards towards her temple in a curved motion. This pattern makes sure that I have blended the bronzer in and defines all the deeper parts of the face. Also, going upwards towards the temples helps create a sun-kissed look, popping a bit on the forehead has the same effect (I didn't do this on Rachel as she has a fringe and she didn't feel the need to put any makeup on her forehead) .

*I like to brush the bronzer down the neck so there's not a big contrast between the face and neck.*

TOP TIP NO. 6 : You can use bronzer to contour your chest, you can just brush it onto your collarbones. This looks great when wearing an outfit that exposes your chest.

#8 Stop! I'm Blushing.

When applying blusher it's important to remember to start light. Remember you can always build it up. This is to avoid looking like Alice Tinker from The Vicar of Dibley...

Rachel's cheekbones are very prominent and sit high on her face therefore I took a dash of the Delilah Colour Blush Powder Blusher in Dusk, dusted off any excess blusher and simply applied it to the apples of her cheeks. Remember to blend!

TOP TIP NO. 7 : I like to add a touch of blush to my nose to continue the sun-kissed effect. It shouldn't be a lot just a tap of powder that you brush over your nose to crate the effect that you've just come back from a day on the beach.

#9 Ready for the Highlight

This is the part where we see that GLOW. Using the Delilah Blusher/Highlighter Brush I applied the Delilah Pure Light Illuminating Powder to the high points of Rachel's face. These high points are; the cheekbone, the nose, cupid's bow and sometimes I like to do the brow bone. These points are the points of the face which catch the light and profit most from highlighter. It really does give you that healthy, post-holiday glow that we all crave, especially after lockdown...

TOP TIP NO. 7: I really like to apply a smidge of highlighter to the inner corners of my eyes, this helps to brighten them and it just looks and IS effortless.

#10 Kissable

W A N T M O R E ?

You can go CRAZY with lips! Don't be afraid to shake things up, I simply used the Espa lip balm on Rachel as we just went for a subtle makeup look, however if you're maybe wanting to dress this look up you can easily use a bold lip to do so. I personally LOVE the Delilah Liquid Lipstick in Beau. It's a lovely dusty pink, which sets matted and lasts the night.

The Finished Look

Here is the final look. Stunning.

And there you have it a super simple, summer glow. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed playing around with makeup!


Here's a list of all the products used in the tutorial:

  • Under Wear Future Resist Skin Primer

  • Time Frame Future Resist Foundation in Buttermilk

  • Delilah's Kabuki Foundation Brush

  • Farewell Cream Concealer in Linen

  • Sunset Compact Matte Bronzer in Light Medium (2101)

  • Pure Light Compact Illuminating Powder in Aura

  • Delilah Definitive Mascara

  • Colour Blush Compact Powder Blusher in Dusk

  • Pure Light Liquid Radiance in Halo

To see the full list of Delilah products click here.


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We hope you found this useful, any questions please get in touch.

We can't wait to see you all.

Stay safe.

Julie & The Girls



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