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Current Obsession : Episode 1

We hope you are all staying safe and keeping well. As always our blogs are aimed at providing top tips and inspiration for you self-care routines.

In this week's blog we are starting a new series of articles which delve into our current obsessions, in other words the products which we are getting through the most and LOVING at the moment.

Our current obsession this week is the ESPA Depuff & Soothe Eye Gel, which is a firm favourite amongst the therapists at the Salon. With government guidelines postponing our facial treatments this gel is the perfect product to tide you over until we can welcome you back for facials, eyelashes and eyebrows galore!

Why we LOVE this product?

Our wonderful therapist Natalie has given the new eye gel a try and here's what she has to say about it...

If you know me I always make sure I use an eye cream and I always love to try new ones when they come out.  I have been using the new eye gel for a week now and I love how light it is on my skin as it's a gel it has a more lightweight consistency. One thing I have noticed is you don't need a lot at all. The first couple of times I used it I put too much on which was a waste because you only need a small amount, it goes a long way. I am going to carry on using it to see if I see more results because I want to keep my eyes looking youthful! 

The coolness and fresh feel of the product is an instant soothing remedy to my tired eyes...

The lovely Sarah ordered and trialed her own little pot of joy and had nothing but glowing reviews...

'Ok.... so when your bundle of joy reaches 8 years old you don't really expect a sleepless night... For some reason my little one couldn't sleep so I ended up being poked and prodded all night in his 3/4 double bed... SO i'm not really feeling any rays of sunshine today.... weather wise or well-being wise...'

'So no better time to try Espa's Depuff and Soothe Eye Gel... The first thing I noted was: no major strong aroma from this which is my preference for an area as delicate as around my eyes. (This is especially true for contact lens wearers and hay fever sufferers or generally sensitive-skinned people). I followed the instructions and gently tapped it in... The coolness and fresh feel of the product is an instant soothing feeling for my tired eyes and as I sit here typing this whilst it soaks in I can feel the skin tightening slightly (which can only be a good thing?!)

It feels like my much needed highlighter today will apply more successfully on this now smoother and hydrated surface. Hopefully the end result will bring out some of my sunny side.'

So how can you get the best out of this bombshell product?

The beauty of this product is its simplicity. We recommend you take some time out of your day to pamper yourself, but we realise that this isn't always possible, so in the Am and PM simply take a small dot of product and tap it under the eyes. Done!

If you have an extra 5 minutes why not give your eyes a little TLC. Use your fingers to tap around your eye socket to massage the gel into your skin, this tapping motion can also help circulation in your face and help with puffiness.

Top Tips

#1 Pop the pot in the fridge upon receiving the product, this will allow the product to cool and will enhance the cooling effects, helping a lot with puffiness on those groggy Monday mornings.

#2 Tap don't rub! Gently tapping your product in will allow for your skin to oak up as much product as possible and this way you avoid wasting product! It's a win win!

To order you own little pot of joy head to Our Products page and click on the 'Shop Now' button under the Espa section. Similarly you can call up the Salon or message us via the website to order a product with us.

Stay tuned for our next Current Obsessions to see what new product (or treatment) we will be showcasing.

Stay safe

Julie & The Girls




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